Wednesday, 4 July 2012

ASP.Net Tutorial

Hey Guys,

I am starting a blog so that I can share my experience in ASP.Net with the world. I am now working in BreezeGo Solutions Pvt Ltd as Software Engineer. I am quite new to ASP.Net and learned everything from my friends and Google. While working, I have found certain sites and forums of great help in solving my problems. I was down with many a problem and Google always came up with a blog or forum with the answer. So I thought it was time that I gave something back to the coding community. I am planning to offer simple ASP.Net Tutorials for Beginners so that they don't need to face all the difficulties that I have faced while starting off with ASP.Net. So friends, please help me in my venture and you always have the right to correct my posts if you feel anything wrong in that. Share your knowledge and make world a better place to live in. Please tune in to my blog for my updates. Thank You.

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